2016 European Nationals At Dalgety Bay

The 2016 National European Championships is one of the most looked forward to event by the European sailors. The date for this year’s nationals is announced and it will be taking place on the 10th and 11th of September and will be hosted by the Dalgety Bay SC. This event will be combined with the annual regatta of the club.

The entries for the event have been pouring in and it is more than what we had seen in the 2015 event. There will be a large contingent of Scottish sailors making their presence at Dalgety Bay SC on the race days. They will be trying to make the most of their chance to sail close to their homes. There is also a boost given to the European class for this event, thanks to the participation of many UK sailors.

Ellie Clark, the European recruit, will be moving to the RS Tera Class as this 15 year old father’s is clear that she will not be able to handle the Laser’s hull weight, having tried it out on a Croatia Yacht Charter. This is why he tracked down a local boat for her.  The race at Europe would be a single handed affair and the RS Tera Class is perfect for her.

Ellie said that she is very happy to flat sail on the boat now after a few hiccups the first time round. She loves the response that she is getting from the boat and felt that it is very light. She feels that she can easily cope with the strong winds through her flat sail. Even if she capsizes, she can get going quickly. There are a few other Europes’ participating in the event and she is thrilled to be racing against them. Ellie is confident that she can put up a good show against other boats like Solo and the Srteaker.