EFG Sailing Arabia Starting Soon

In the last year’s championship of EFG Sailing Arabia -Team Al Mouj from Muscat were the fresh face in the event.

They made entry with a sight to win the tour and they did so. The year 2017 EFG Sailing Arabia will again have the participation of this strong team but with some new faces. This time too, the team Al Mouj is highly motivated and ready to create winning history.

EFG Sailing Arabia of 2017 is going to be a mix of inshore and offshore racing. And this year too, the tour will witness the participation of top-class sailors. Back to the Gulf race track says, who brings his match racing skills to the Team Al Mouj campaign.

Ponthieu who has groomed Team Al Mouj spoke about the event and said “Presently, there is only one tour in the sailing calendar where sailor could test their offshore as well as racing skill.”

“To test the offshore sailing skill, the tour has long legs and to test racing skill, port races are there.” He added

Ponthieu continued, “I, Gilles and Gregory, we all were with Nicolas Lunven in 2016 on the boat Al Mouj. We have also sailed together the Tour de France a la Voile original tour a few years ago. We are comfortable in sailing with each other as we know each other well. In the last year tour with Nico, we secured the 2nd place. We are planning to finish this year at the same position or higher.”

EFG Sailing Arabia Tour some unique attraction to both professional and recreational sailors. Here, everyone uses identical boat in the race. This is quite appealing as the winner will be the sailor who sail best boat. Unlike in races that used to have many categories.