US Sailing Launches Safety At Sea Online Course

The new Safety at Sea Online course is launched by the US Sailing, the National Governing Body for the Sailing. The US Sailing Safety at Sea Committee Chairman, Chuck Hawley, said that the new Safety at Sea Online course is a very good course for anyone interested in sailing right from the novices to the sailing experts.

It is made in accordance with the hands-on sessions offered by leading clubs and academies all over the country. The sailors have been asking for a course that they can take at their own pace and this is why the US Sailing came out with this online course. The sailors’ request for learning the skills from their homes and spending less time in the classroom has become a reality through this online course, said Hawley.

The students and sailors who complete the Safety at Sea Online course and also the one-day hands-on course will be given the US Sailing/World Sailing Personal Survival Course certification that will give them the opportunity to compete in sailboat races that asks for this certification. They will also go into a ballot to win a Split Bareboat Yacht Charter, with the prize provided by

The course consists of 8 modules with over 100 videos and plenty of assessment questions to help the learner to learn more about sailing through an active involvement. The eight modules of the Safety at Sea online course include: Personal Safety Gear, Search and Rescue Organization and Emergency Communications, Giving Assistance to Others, Marine Weather, Crew Overboard Prevention & Recovery and Hypothermia and Drowning.

The US Sailing will also be offering a two-day “in-person” course for the students. This course is offered by the beat yacht associations and yacht clubs in the country. The participants who complete this course will be getting a certification as well.

The US Sailing did not miss to thank the Storm Trysail Foundation, the US Sailing Safety at Sea Committee, the Cruising Club of America through the Bonnell Cove Foundation and the volunteers without whom the online course would not have taken shape.